Flyer 5.5 SPACE Deck

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  • 5.50
  • 2,36
  • 0,40 m - 0,80 m
  • 1 185 kg
  • 135 L
  • 50 L (in option)
  • Attestation CE : C6/D6
  • Outboard
  • 140 hp maxi
  • Available

Extremely spacious, the open SPACEdeck version, with a central console, has a very open deck with wide walkarounds making circulation fluid. Its generous rear seat can be converted into a sun bath* and its two storage lockers to the bow make the Flyer 5 SPACEdeck a very functional easy-going dayboat, with a wide choice of customization specific to the range.

More family oriented, the SUNdeck version of the Flyer 5 boasts remarkable comfort on board, for this size of boat. It is destined for sheer relaxation with two driving seats*, a wide rear seat*, and a solarium housing the forward cabin.

* (Options)

The Flyer 5 SPACEdeck equipped with the latest generation of AirStep® hulls.


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