Flyer 8.8 SUN Deck

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The distinctive design codes and the winning lines of the new Flyer 8.8 SUNdeck make her immediately recognizable afloat.

Wide bow, profiled lateral struts and elegant windshield design mark the style of this outboard which stands out above the rest.

Marvel of technology, the new Flyer 8.8 stands apart when it comes to performance underway. With the latest generation of AirStep® hulls, she can take engines of up to 500 hp. Piloting remains an enormous pleasure on this type of craft, the new Flyer 8.8 combining sensations, comfort and safety to perfection.

The SUNdeck version of the Flyer 8.8 will be on show at the upcoming Cannes Yachting Festival. Habitability, relaxation and living comfort have been pushed as far as they can be. The spacious aft bench seat is particularly comfortable and easily converts into a big sunbathing area. Great attention has been paid to detail. On the foredeck, a solarium with two mattresses and headrests along with cup holders.

Elegant and exceptionally spacious, the interior of the Flyer 8.8 is presented in warm tones of brown and wine.

With its side glazing, sky-view deck hatch and ventilation ports, in its night-time configuration, the fore cabin sleeps two comfortably, converting to a vast saloon in the daytime where many people can gather around the table.

The fittings come into their own: a quality worktop, refrigerator, microwave oven, a separate washroom with toilet and shower, together with the mid-cabin aft. Although this is still a day-boat, the interior layout, quality of the finish and the fittings of the Flyer SUNdeck 8.8 mean that a wide range of programmes can be considered with confidence.


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