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The HP Reef range combines high quality material and accurate, high-quality production and assembly.
The project developed with the designer Christian Grande focused on pure design and the search of maximum space and ergonomics on board.

The HP Reef exceptional navigation performances are the result of over thirty years of BWA experience in producing ribs, a competitive research and development department and the use of the most advanced technologies.

The Hp Reef BWA hulls are deeper and longer than those of direct competitors and therefore can be compared to products of higher categories.

The new versions of HP Reef.2 are also available in the Exclusive version featuring the Blue Ocean and Colonial colors and a range of special accessories.


Equipments HP REEF 5.2 :

complete control-console with seat
coloring hull and livery off white
closed cell cushions
stern couch with sundeck
seat with stan-up position
stern cushions on tubes
bow storages with sun deck cushion
fibreglass bow nose
electric panel
double fender with handrail grey neptune
bilge pump
fibreglass platform for tube
rear integrated fibreglass platforms
fuel tank
retractable ladder
timoneria monocavo rinforzata
skin steering HP reef
led navigation lights

Options HP REEF 5.2 :

built-in compass with lighting
console cover
boat cover
cockpit fridge with system
complete bow table
automatic bilge pump with sensor and system
bow sundeck extension
fibreglass/stainless stell roll bar with sunshade
water tank and shower system
sunshade with extension
set of hoisting hooks




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